ok i’ve been gone for the last month but woah are people already making cc for the sims 4? i think i just saw a set of contacts for it thats awesome

I went to check  in on Brooke, Trevor’s sister’s house. Chase and Brooke’s son, Ethan, was dating a townie. Instead of destroying their relationship, I made her over.

So I saw this sim and was like wtf that’s such a weirdly cute sim so i added her to my household to see where she was from but she lived alone and i felt bad for her so i moved her into the Frio household and had her hook up with one of the frio brothers and this is what their baby looks like~

lmao do any of you ever just give random sims complete life changes? i do this like all the time 

Amanda and Danny

Damon and Cara

Generation 3 Heir Robin and Generation 3 Spouse Allison

And I aged everybody up into young adults~